Thousands of people have ran in the Deseret News Marathon and so can you! The youngest person to run was 7 and the oldest was over 70. The lightest runner weighted only 57 pounds and the heaviest weighed over 220. But they all finished as a result of proper training.

The step-by-step schedule shows how you can finish the Deseret News Marathon if you have been running at least 30 minutes a day. If you’re significantly below that, the program shouldn’t be started until you’ve reached that level.

The schedule includes a three-month plan. If a runner plans to enter the Deseret News Marathon on July 24, the schedule should begin in late April.

When training, it’s a good idea to not try running the full marathon route because you might drop out or get injured and never recover psychologically. Leave the last several miles of the race unexplored until the proper time and place, when other runners can help keep you going and when finishing counts!


In addition there are several running groups sponsored by the Salt Lake Running Company that can help get you ready for the event.
Please visit for more details about these groups. You may also email them at .

Salt Lake Running Co.’s website also has other great training resources including running calendars and various training articles. See their getting started guide as well as their collection of training articles.

Download a printable version of our runner preparation material.